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Advanced Rider Biomechanics with Colleen Kelly and Linda Parelli

Advanced Rider Biomechanics with Colleen Kelly and Linda Parelli
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In order to have a happy, healthy horse, it's essential that you know how your body works, how it moves, and how to stay safe and balanced while riding. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. And with Advanced Rider Biomechanics, Colleen Kelly will show you how to continue improving your balance, posture and coordination and have fun doing it!

Building upon the foundation she set up in Rider Biomechanics, Colleen leads a group of students (including Linda Parelli) through a series of exercises that test and then improve their left/right balance, turning, seat position and more. After that, you'll see Colleen and her students take it to the next level with advanced exercises. Get ready to join Colleen and Linda as they take you and your horse to the next level and beyond in this exciting, educational and fun 2-DVD set!

Segments include:

  • Testing the Rider's Position: The key to safety, steadiness and comfort for you & your horse
  • Testing Left/Right Balance: One of the most important principles of riding
  • The Lighthouse Exercise: A creative way to achieve falling in and falling out
  • Improving Balance: Good balance is essential, as is learning how to achieve it
  • And much more!

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