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Classical Dressage, Philippe Karl, Part 3: The School of Dance

Classical Dressage, Philippe Karl, Part 3: The School of Dance
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Classical Dressage Part 3: The School of Dance DVD, 46 minutes “

Collection can make the horse look like a ballet dancer," says French dressage trainer Philippe Karl. In this third DVD in his Classical Dressage training series, Karl uses gymnastic exercises taught in Part 2 to improve collection. Because they represent the “peak” of collection, pirouettes, piaffe, and passage are covered—only a supple and collected horse can manage them. In addition, Karl teaches the Spanish Walk, which is not only an exercise in preparation for the passage, but also a useful movement to improve the mobility of the horse’s shoulders and help further the union between rider and horse.

This DVD covers:

  • Pirouettes
  • Piaffe
  • Spanish Walk
  • Passage

Philippe Karl, founder of the School of Legerete, was a member of the famous Cadre Noir in France for 13 years. He is well known throughout the world as a riding instructor, trainer, and author. His impressive classical dressage presentations are treasured by those privileged enough to see them all over Europe. In clinics and courses, Karl presents the knowledge and the aesthetics of the founders of equitation, adapted to modern times.

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