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Be A Smart Horse Buyer

Be A Smart Horse Buyer
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While buying a horse should be exciting, sometimes its downright frustrating. This book from top horseman Bob Avila promises to make the process easier and much more enjoyable. In Be a Smart Horse Buyer, Bob Avila, trainer of over 35 world champion or reserve world champions, leads you step by step through the horse purchase process.

You begin by making a checklist of what you want in a horse, and see if it matches what you really need. Bob gives advice on the pros and pitfalls of buying off the Internet, and tells you what you can and can not learn from a sale video. Learn the vices you can live with, and the seven signs that you should walk away. You'll also get great advice on how to choose a horse for your child.

Plus: top performance horse veterinarian Kurt Heite, DVM, takes you through the pre-purchase exam and explain what "vetting" can tell you about your prospect. Whether you are buying your first horse or your new horse, this book is an invaluable resource to assist you in buying the best horse for you.

Color photos and illustrations throughout, with cartoons by Jim Paul.

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