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Life in the Galloping Lane by Karen and David O'Connor

Life in the Galloping Lane by Karen and David O'Connor
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"The Olympic Games, a focal point of our lives for so long, is about the process of doing things in an excellent way, and that's taught us a lot. You need to take that process and apply it to your next goal, whatever it is, whether it's coaching students or coaching a team; course designing or management of an event or a federation." --David O'Connor.

Karen and David O'Connor, the golden couple of three-day eventing, have five Olympic medals between them, as well as wins at Rolex Kentucky, Badminton, the World Equestrian Games and many other key competitions in their disciplines. But there is more to them than their victories. They have come to symbolize all that is best about equestrianism -- regard for horses and their fellow competitors, an appreciation of every discipline, a kind and sensible style of training horses and riders.

Life in the Galloping Lane is the story of how Karen and David got their start, from the backyard horses of their childhood, to the years of struggle as they worked their way to the top of one of the most demanding of horse sports. How they handled the highs and lows and the horses who shared their adventures is a fascinating and inspirational story intertwined with the history of eventing for the last quarter-century. Insights into the O'Connors' lives and training techniques make this book one that will appeal not only to eventers, but also to anyone who rides or is interested in horse sport.

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