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John Lyons' Troubleshooting

John Lyons' Troubleshooting
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In this outstanding guide to anticipating and managing horse behavioral and training issues, "America's Most Trusted Horseman"-renowned trainer and clinician John Lyons-teaches readers how to "troubleshoot" common problems such as spooking, running away, rearing, kicking, head-shyness, balking at water, refusing to load, and more.

Lyons explains why horses are prone to certain reactions and then demonstrates how his methods can help prevent a minor miscommunication between horse and rider from escalating into a frustrating-and often dangerous-battle of wills.

Each piece of the training process is accompanied by a clear, explanatory photo, and step by pictorial step, readers will find themselves closer to better, more understanding relationships with their horses. Paperback, 224 pp.

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