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TrailMax In-Line Swivel Four Horse Highline Kit

TrailMax In-Line Swivel Four Horse Highline Kit
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Stock is much more at ease on a highline than tied to a hitch-rail or, even worse, a tree. On a high line, your stock can walk around in a circle, lie down and even roll. This kit is recommended for Leave No Trace Backcountry Ethics, National Parks and many State and BLM lands. The In-line Swivel functions as a knot eliminator and allows your stock to walk in circles without unraveling the lead rope. The tree savers are recommended or required on almost all state and national lands so that trees are not girdled. Every Outfitters Supply Four Horse Highline Kit we sell includes easy-to-follow set of instructions to help protect both the environment and your stock from injury. The 4-Horse Highline kit includes:
  • The Trail Max In-Line Swivel 4-Horse Highline kit includes: 4-horse highline rope (100' long, 3/8" diameter nylon), 4 in-Line swivels, 2 tree saver straps, complete instructions for Russ' recommended set up, zippered nylon storage bag,
  • Weighs: 6 lbs
  • Storage bag dimensions: 22" x 10.5"

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